Other Breweriana from Pennsylvania, Maryland, & the District of Columbia

I grew up in Pennsylvania (Philadelphia area) and have lived in the Maryland/Washington DC region since 1975.  Thus, despite my best efforts to restrict my collecting to only Upstate New York breweriana, I have been seduced by a number of attractive items from a few of the breweries that I recognized from my childhood or that played part of local brewing history in my more recent locale.

The coaster displayed in the upper left corner is from the South Bethlehem Brewing Company of Bethlehem, PA.  It shows picture of some of the local landmarks, including the Bethlehem Steel Company, Lehigh University, and the Hill-to-Hill bridge.

Adam Scheidt Brewing Company
(Norristown, Pennsylvania)
Stegmaier Brewing Company
(Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania)
Continental Brewing Company
(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Gunther Brewing Comapny
(Baltimore, Maryland)
Christian Heurich Brewing Company
(Washington, DC)
Labels from Some Other Pennsylvania Breweries
An Interesting Selection of Bock Beer Labels from All Over
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