Gunther Brewing Company
Baltimore, Maryland

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Gunther was a long established Baltimore brewery, with a heritage that pre-dated Prohibition (when it was spelled "Guenther").  The brewery operated until 1959, when it was purchased by Theodore Hamm, a large Minnesota-based brewery.  Hamm was attempting to expand its territory into the East and bought Gunther as its first outpost.  Rather than continue to brew Gunther for local customers and introduce it's own brands over time, Hamm's instead eliminated Gunther's brand immediately (negating all the local loyalty).  Hamm's only stayed for three years before selling the brewery and brands to Schaefer, a large Brooklyn-based brewer.  Schaefer reintroduced Gunther as one of its budget brands and won back some of the local customer base.  Schaefer itself continued in operation until 1976, when its operations and brands were sold.

Shown below are three Gunther flat top cans from the 1940s.  I personally think these are three of the most attractively designed cans in my collection. 

Gunther Beer
12 ounce flat top
BCU #78-08
Bible - not listed
Gunther Beer
12 ounce flat top
BCU #78-11
Bible #1209
Gunther Beer
12 ounce flat top
BCU #78-10
Bible #1210

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