Stegmaier Brewing Company
Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania


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The Stegmaier Brewing Company was founded in 1857 by Charles Stegmaier, the first brewery opened in Wilkes Barre.  At the time, it was the largest brewery in Pennsylvania outside of Philadelphia and Allegheny counties.  The brewery prospered up to Prohibition and reopened after Repeal.  It continued in operation until 1974, when it merged with the Lion Brewery, also of Wilkes Barre, and facilities were consolidated at Lion's plant.  Lion kept Stegmaier's brand name and beers in its product line after the merger.
The Lion Brewery continues to operate today as a successful privately held concern, brewing craft beers under the "Brewery Hill" label.  Thier current capacity is about 400,000 barrels per year.  Lion also continues to brew and market a line of premium beers under the Stegmaier label

Shown below are two very attractive trays from the Stegmaier Brewing Company.

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Stegmaier's Quality Beers
Stegmaier's Gold Medal Beer

Stegmaier's Gold Medal Beer
11.5 inch diameter
manufacturer unknown


Stegmaier's Beer
"Cold and Gold from the Poconos"
12.5 inch diameter
Copyright 1959
Manufactured by Continental Can Co.


Stegmaier's Beer
12.75 inch diameter
Manufactured by Continental Can Co.


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