Other Upstate New York Breweriana

In addition to the breweries featured on this site, there were any number of other breweries in Upstate New York that operated both pre- and post-Prohibition.  Some of them had very distinctive and attractive packaging, advertising, and labeling.  A few of the more distinctive are highlighted below, along with a selection of pre-Prohibition bottles and some out-of-the-ordinary paper labels.

The coaster in the upper left corner is from the Flower City Brewing Company, the predecessor to the Standard Brewing Company, featured elsewhere on this site.

Cataract Brewing Company
(Rochester, New York)
Bartholomay Brewing Company
(Rochester, New York)
Utica Brewing Company
(Utica, New York)
Stanton Brewery
(Troy, New York)
Phoenix Brewing Company
(Buffalo, New York)
Joint Advertising Among Four Rochester Breweries
(Rochester, Standard, Genesee, and American)
Pre-Prohibition Embossed Bottles from Upstate New York
Labels from Some Other Upstate New York Breweries
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