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Utica, New York


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The Utica Brewing Company was the successor to the pre-Prohibition Fort Schuyler Brewing Company.  After Prohibition, Utica only survived for a few years.  It's brands were sold to West End Brewing Company, which brewed Fort Schuyler as one of its secondary brands for many years.  On the West End cans page, there is a picture of a flat-top can of design similar to the cone tops shown here.
Shown below are a couple of cone top cans, a tray, and a bock beer label from the Utica Brewing Company.
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Fort Schuyler Light Ale
12 ounce cone top
BCU #24-19
Fort Schuyler Lager
12 ounce cone top
BCU #24-20
Fort Schuyler Ales and Lager
11 inches diameter
Fort Schuyler Bock Beer
12 ounces
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