Iroquois Beverage Corp.
201/256 Pratt Street
Buffalo, New York
(aka Iroquois Brewing Co.
and International Brewing Co.)

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With the exception of the top image, all of the ads shown below were provided by Joe Todaro of Buffalo, NY, from his personal collection.

The Beer Par-Excellence

Text to left reads: "This label is a guarantee that this beer has been bottled at the IROQUOIS Brewery."

Text to right reads: "Only the choicest hops, the richest malt is used, and the most scrupulous care is taken in producing this beer."

Always Popular!

Text reads: "Sparkling Taste-Appeal and Satisfying Goodness has created a popular demand for Iroquois Beverages.  They've been a popular favorite for 100 years, a reputation that will be zealously maintained, at present, and in the years ahead."

Famous Brew Since '42
The finishing touch
America's Founders
Text reads: "America's founders walk through the pages of the history of beer and ale - beverages of moderation."
The finishing touch
Famous Brews Since 1842

Text reads: "The old time brewer's art has become an exact science since Jacob Roos built ... in 1842 ... the brewery which was destined to bear the name of Iroquois.  With the passing of years, new buildings replaced the old.  The business grew and prospered.  Today ... as in the past ... Iroquois carries on a quality tradition one hundred and one years old in the brewing of the product which bears the proud label of Indian Head."

Smaller text reads: "IROQUOIS TODAY!  Jacob Roos would rub his eyes in amazement if he could return today to Broadway and Pratt Street and see the huge buildings which have replaced his original brewery ... and see, too, the marvelous, modern equipment which produces beer that would be the envy of brewers of bygone days."

Iroquois Indian Head Beer and Ale
Indian Head - the symbol of quality
1950 Ad from Buffalo Pops Orchestra Program
Text Reads: "We deem it a distinct pleasure to sponsor these refreshing summer "Pop" concerts again for the third consecutive year.  It is our sincere hope that you enjoy these evenings of delightful music and take home pleasant memories of an evening well spent."
Refreshing as NIAGARA SPRAY
Note: This ad was from the back of a 1958 Buffalo Bisons (baseball) program
(Image courtesy of Joe Todaro)

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