Standard-Rochester Brewing Co.
770 Emerson Street
Rochester, New York




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The Standard-Rochester Brewing Company was formed in 1956 by the merger of the Standard Brewing Company (436 Lake Avenue) and the Rochester Brewing Company (770 Emerson Street), both longtime members of the Rochester brewing fraternity.  After a brief period when both facilities were operated, the Lake Street brewery was closed and operations were consolidated at Emerson Street. 

After consolidation, the packaging designs underwent some significant updating and made consistent across brands.  The Old Topper brand was shortened to simply "Topper" and its text style changed to a more modern look. 

In the early 1960s, as part of an effort to capture more market share, Standard-Rochester purchased and produced the brands of the Haberle-Congress Brewery of Syracuse.  They also introduced a new line of beverages named "Jaguar", which included a malt liquor.  Finally, the marketed a low-calorie beer clled "Dia-Beer". which they had licensed from a German brewer.  All of these efforts met with limited success and, by 1970, Standard-Rochester closed its doors for good, another casualty of the nationwide consolidation of the brewing industry into a few major national brands. 

The Topper and Standard Dry brands reusrfaced a few years later as brands of the Eastern Brewing Company of Hammonton, New Jersey.  Eastern Brewing had a business model that focused on buying the brands of small regional breweries that had closed and producing beer under those labels to sell in specific markets.  Eastern Brewing produced beer and ale under the Topper and Standard Dry labels for a few years and also produced a non-alcoholic malt tonic under the Topper label that was distributed in Middle-Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia where drinking alcohol is prohibited by Islamic law.

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