William Simon Brewery
Clinton and Emslie Streets
Buffalo, New York




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The William Simon Brewery was the successor to the John Schusler Brewery, founded in 1859.  William Simon purchased the brewery in 1896, after a period as Schusler's brewmaster.  It reopened after Prohibition and built a strong local following for its Simon Pure Beer and Old Abbey Ale.  The William Simon Brewery managed to outlast all the other breweries in Buffalo, finally closing in 1973.

After the brewery closed, its brands were purchased and produced for a time by the Fred Koch Brewery of Dunkirk, New York, until it too closed in about 1980.

At the time of this writing, it is my understanding that there is a new William Simon Micro-Brewery under development in Buffalo.  There are no details available other than an indication that the brewery intends to produce Simon Pure Beer again.  Details will be passed along as they become available.

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