Rochester Brewing Co.
770 Emerson Street
Rochester, New York





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The Rochester Brewing Company was founded in 1875 in Rochester and was originally located on Cliff Street.  During the period 1889 to 1902, the brewery operated as a branch of the large Bartholomay Brewing Company, also of Rochester.  In 1902, Rochester Brewing went independent again and continued in operation up until it was closed by Prohibition.

The brewery reopened again after Prohibition and was located at 770 Emerson Street.  Their primary brand was Old Topper.  Like many upstate New York breweries, Rochester originally specialized in ale, but soon added lager to the brewery's output.

Around 1950, the brewey changed its packaging designs, changing their "Old Topper" designation to "Golden Old Topper" and updating the typeface from the Old English motif to a more modern look.

In 1956, as a result of competitive pressures from growing national brands, Rochester Brewing entered into a merger with its local rival, Standard Brewing Company.  The consolidated firm was renamed the Standard-Rochester Brewing Company and continued in producing beer and ale at the Emerson Street facility until the brewery ceased operation in 1970.

Old Topper breweriana is some of the most collectible and also some of the most available from this era, particularly where cans are concerned.  The 12 ounce Old Topper Snappy Ale cone-top and crowntainer cans are probably two of the most easily acquired cone-top cans in good condition.

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