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Favorite Links

I have a LOT of interests outside of brewery history and breweriana.  I like to play classical guitar (and jazz and blues, too).  I like good theatre.  I like good beer.  I like public TV and radio.  Shown below are the links to some of my favorite sites.
Classical Guitar Sites
Liona Boyd The web site of the exquisitely beautiful, enormously talented Canadian classical guitarist. Tour dates, recording information.  You can even get free monthly email updates of Liona's schedule.
Sharon Isbin The web site of yet another very beautiful and talented guitarist.  Sharon Isbin heads the guitar program at Julliard.  Tour dates, recording information, etc.

The Guitar School of Iceland

Eythor Thorlaksson's classical guitar site from Iceland.  Tons and tons of free, downloadable arrangements of classical pieces from the likes of Bach, Sor, Giuliani, Carcassi, Aguado, etc., etc., etc.  Enough music to last most of us a couple of lifetimes.
Other Music Web Sites
Randy Bachman Guitarist of the Guess Who, Canada's greatest band ever.  Check out their live double CD "Runnin' Back Through Canada" from their 2000 tour.  I saw them in Peterborough, Ontario, in June 2000.  Truly awesome.
Fairport Convention One of the greatest bands that's ever lived.  These legends are still making the best of British folk-rock after about 35 years. 
Paul Gross and David Keeley Both are well-known and highly regarded Canadian actors who blend country, rock, and folk into an incredibly interesting mix.  I highly recommend their "Two Houses" CD.
Jazz Guitar Web Sites Bob Patterson's site dedicated completely to the culture of the jazz guitar.  Lots and lots of links for the jazz guitar fan.  Also product reviews, online lessons, CD reviews, etc.
Breweriana Web Sites
Eastern Coast Breweriana Assn. Oldest organization in the U.S. dedicated to collecting breweriana.  Founded in 1970.
American Breweriana Association
Beer Can Collectors of America Largest breweriana collecting organization in the country Ruddy Hechler's site dedicated primarily to Stegmaier.  He has some truly GREAT Stegmaier pre-prohibition items
Joe Todaro's site on openers from Buffalo.
Site on Peter Barmann Brewery of Kingston, New York
West End Brewery Although they now primarily make the  Saranac brands of beer and ale, they still make Utica Club for distribution in upstate New York
Lion Brewery Primary brands are the Brewery Hill and Stegmaier.  For good information on the history of this brewery, see
High Falls Brewery Formerly the Genesee Brewery.  Was taken over in December 2000 and has done well ever since.
Theatre and Culture
Stratford Festival of Canada Held every year in Stratford, Ontario.  This is THE BEST Shakespeare you can see outside of England. 
Shaw Festival
Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
Wolf Trap Farm Park Wolf Trap Farm Park in Northern Virginia.  Summer and winter concert schedules.
Washington Opera
Public Radio and TV
  KCSM - San Mateo, CA The BEST jazz radio station in the universe.  KCSM broadcasts on the internet, too.  They play great jazz all the time.  (This is REAL jazz -- like Trane and Bird and Diz -- not that "happy jazz" Kenny G crap.)
WBJC - Baltimore, MD All classical music all the time.  Completely non-commercial.  I love this station.  Check out Judith Krummeck's evening drive time show.  (She has a truly lovely voice.) You can also get broadcast through the internet.
WHYY - Philadelphia, PA
WPFW - Washington, DC Pacifica Radio in the Nations Capital.  Decent jazz station.  My preference runs to more music and less public affairs. 
MPT - Maryland Public Television What can I say.  It's Maryland Public Television.
WETA - Washington, DC NPR and Public Television in the Nation's Capital.  Too many news and public affairs shows.  Garrison Keillor on Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings.
Guitar Makers
Heritage Guitars When Gibson moved from Kalamazoo to Nashville, a few of their best luthiers stayed behind and started their own guitar manufacturing company.  Heritage makes just about THE BEST jazz guitars in the whole USA.  Unbelieveable value for the money.  This web site ( is named in honor of one of their electric jazz products, the Heritage H575, a jazz masterpiece.
Gibson Guitars
Washburn Guitars
Takamine Guitars

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