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Contact Info and Call for Submissions
Home If you have comments on this site, please contact me by email at:
Or you can send me snail mail at:
Tony Pompa
P.O. Box 497
Washington Grove, MD 20880
If you would like to add historical information or photos from your collection to one of the specific brewery pages or would like me to add a page highlighting  your favorite upstate New York brewery, please get in touch with me and I'll try to include it.  I still have a lot of work to do on my own collection , but I'm happy to have submissions from other brewery historians.  They'll be considered in due course.  (Anyone who contributes information or photos that end up included on the site will duly acknowledged.)
If you have any items from one of the featured breweries available for sale, please let me know.  I'll pay reasonable amounts for items that I'm seeking.  I am particularly interested in obtaining:
  • Pre-prohibition Iroquois trays
  • Pre-prohibition Iroquois tip trays/coasters
  • Pre-prohibition Iroquois labels
  • Old Topper conetops and crowntainers that are not depicted on the site
  • Iroquois conetops and crowntainers that are not depicted on the site
  • Iroquois Ale flat top can (BCU 85-13) -- I've never actually SEEN a copy of this can
Thanks for visiting my site.  I hope you've enjoyed the tour.  I know there's still work to be done on it, but it will come in bits and pieces, so drop by again some other time.  And by all means, support your small local brewery and support your breweriana collecting associations.

Tony Pompa
Rockville, MD
17 February 2001

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