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Bartholomay Brewing Co.
Vincent Place
Rochester, New York


Other NY



The Bartholomay Brewing Company was originally founded in 1852 as Will and Bartholomay.  In 1857, Philip Bartholomay bought out his partner and renamed the company Bartholomay Brewing Company.  Bartholomay grew to be a very substantial brewery, with production of about 180,000 barrels in 1888.  In 1889, it absorbed two other local breweries (Rochester Brewing and Gennesee Brewing) as well as two Rochester malting house to become the Bartholomay Brewing conglomerate.   The company's symbol was a rather unusual one, a wheel with two outstretched wings.

Like many Rochester Brewers, Bartholomay had agents that bottled and sold its products in other states, including W.W. Walker & Company of Hagerstown, Maryland, John S. Low of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and William Albrecht of Boston, Massachusetts.

Bartholomay operated successfully until Prohibition but, although both Rochester and Genesee reopened after Repeal, Batholomay did not.  Some of Bartholomay's brands, such as Apollo Beer, were later used by the American Brewing Co. of Rochester. 

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Stoneware Tankard

Etched Drinking Glass
Etched Drinking Glass

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